23 september 2023 — 09u00 --- 24 september 2023 — 18u00
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For The Now

IMAGINAIR represents Geoffrey Lambert & Tom Andries

‘We find beauty not in the things themselves, but in the patterns of shadows, in the light and dark that one thing imposes on another.’ Junichiro Tanizaki (JP 1886-1965)

IMAGINAIR werd geselecteerd voor FOR THE NOW, de vroegere CONTEMPORARY DESIGN MARKET. We presenteren er het werk van medeoprichter van IMAGINAIR, Geoffrey Lambert en dat van Tom Andries.

IN SEPTEMBER IN BRUSSEL (Tour & Taxis / Gare Maritime)


In UMBRA we bring together the work of Geoffrey Lambert and Tom Andries, two artist- designers. By doing so, we want to reflect on the interaction between art and design. On the one hand, we consider the similarities in their visual language and, on the other, the complementarity of the different media in it.
Both artists are guided by the process of making, in which they find the space needed to become unbound from the familiar ‘form’. Whereas in Geoffrey’s work the wood almost seems to fall away into deep black, in Tom’s, letters become nearly tactile.
A still movement emerges from both oeuvres – the before and after is ever present and provides a sense of duration, the works ‘endure’. Out of this speaks a certain presence which, being suggested in black, refers at the same time to its opposite, to its absence.
The work of both artists wants to exist free of anecdotic: in the absence of light, any form can and may exist. The blackness creates an interplay of meaning and meaninglessness, of form and formlessness, in this way both makers capture what is intangible and consequently what is timeless. Their designs want to coexist with their surroundings without claiming a position, they come to life in the viewer’s imagination. Like a silent presence in the shadow of things.


23 september 2023 — 09u00
24 september 2023 — 18u00
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Tour & Taxis BXL
Rue Picard 11
Brussel, 1000 Belgium