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WE ARE PARTICIPATING to TERRITORY an international expo of artist and curator-led projects exploring the impact of the ecological, environmental and political consequences contained within territorial systems –

Territory is being jointly developed and delivered by Barreiro based PADA and London based SLUICE with support by the Câmara Municipal do Barreiro.

IMAGINAIR Artspace presents its own work and a selection of Koenraad Tinel’s work.
We will also bring a painting by Ruben Boeren to Lisbon.


In a theatrical installation, Katrien captures the haughtiness and awkwardness of the man in the street, the empire of five square kilometers around and under the church tower.


Geoffrey questions the relationship between man and his environment. By highlighting the finiteness of reserves, his objects and installations honour the beauty of nature.


Fleeing, being on the move.
Tinel – as a child of WW2 – sees history repeating.


In abstract sweeps that also include figurative elements, Boeren seems to be engaged in a peaceful battle with his own work. The artist in search of his own plot of land, his personal territory.

by IMAGINAIR – Katrien & Geoffrey

An installation utilising the artifacts of global shipping placed within the harbour area draws on the relationship between man and his environment.

In our series CURRENCY we question the value of things. We place the installation within different realities that we encounter as we traverse the territories on our way to the festival. Man and his environment captured in images of a changing landscape. 

The images of the journey of these artifacts through different territories forms part of the installation.