by Geoffrey Lambert

Geoffrey is a self-taught designer / maker / artist with a broad knowledge of materials and techniques.

His work can be described as highly diverse, from furniture to in-situ installations, from scenography and exhibition designs to interiors and tailor made work.
The interaction between this diversity is characteristic of Geoffrey’s work. He creates objects that can be situated between form, function and image, he is also fascinated by funrni/tecture – or how fixed or modular furniture can divide and thus define a space.
In an expo design Geoffrey looks for theatricality and he allows artistry in interior projects.

Geoffrey Lambert is fascinated by materials, he lets himself be led by where a material takes him. He is constantly looking for material flows,  interesting ways of material recuperation and new ways of using (used) materials. Circular and sustainable become evident guideposts.

The placing of his work is part of the work itself; he always lets an object enter into a dialogue with the space it is in. He also makes installations that influence the perception of space and thus increase awareness of it.

With his artistic work Geoffrey wants to question the relationship between man and his environment. By highlighting the finiteness of reserves, his objects and installations honour the beauty of nature. 

Geoffrey runs the studio in which, together with his permanent assistant, he brings together professionals from various backgrounds, selected according the focus in current creations.
In the studio, too, the collaboration with co-founder and partner Katrien Vanderbiest forms a constant basis. Creations arise in interaction and dialogue with her work and with their shared project IMAGINAIR.


In The BLACKWOOD series, Geoffrey creates design objects where function does not disappear completely, but is no longer the raison d’être for the specific object.
By exploring the process of the technique of burning, he searches for the soul of the material and the DNA of the specific wood he holds in hand. Sometimes almost velvet, sometimes deeply grained, sometimes in such matt black that it seems to fall away, sometimes with an added detail in marble that follows the same grain, thus challenging the wooden piece. Each object is made from recovered wood or from local wood saved from the proverbial pyre.

In this series, the maker confronts the valuable with the ephemeral. He forces his materials into a game between desired and not approved.
The objects want to be touched, they become Object Désirables and they ask their admirers to what extent that capacity gives them a right to exist.

Furniture / Design

A part of Atelier IMAGINAIR’s practice that likes to overlap with other domains – such as objects and interiors – but can also be seen as a valuable stand-alone.

From an in-depth knowledge of international designs and designers, contemporary as well as iconic and vintage designs, the studio develops several of its own lines in a variety of styles, but always looking for timelessness and relevance within the rich context of what surrounds us – of what has already been created as well as contemporary tendencies.

We believe that good design resonates what frames it.

Interior / Exterior

Atelier IMAGINAIR handles a variety of customised interior design projects. Own designs or creations in collaboration and on demand, but always with an unmistakable touch in line with our personal language.

We are also strong outdoors – from factory rough to uncomplicated simplicity – we can suggest an interesting range of materials, both sustainable material innovations and recuperation materials.

Atelier IMAGINAIR is happy to start from a studio visit or a visit to your interior to arrive together at a design proposal that suits you.


The scenography of an exhibition, the temporary installation in the industrial space, the scenography of the scene, scenery, space – it is a way of looking and a way of thinking – it embraces all our fascinations.